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Introduction to Free Trial


Thank you for choosing to register for WeatherCall®

Welcome to Free Trial Registration. This will register you for a live working WeatherCall account. There is no charge and no credit card will be collected for this free trial.
This account will remain operational until you receive a warning phone call from WeatherCall which demonstrates how the service works.
At that time you will receive an email asking you to start a paid subscription or you may terminate the free trial at no charge.

WeatherCall needs to collect the following information from you to provide our service.

1) Account registration so you can access your account for changes and updates.

2) Home Address so we know where you are located and how close you might be to severe weather.

3) Contact information. We need your phone number and email so we can send you notifications when severe weather is near your location.

4) Your credit card is never stored in our system. For payment you are transfered to an industry certified PCI payment gateway.

PLEASE NOTE: Your information is only used for providing our service. We do not rent, loan, sell or otherwise share your personal information.

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